Carmen Wakeford

I was born in 1967 in Ficksburg, in the Orange Free State, South Africa. Up until school going age we lived on one of my Grandfather’s farms call Fraaiuitsig and then moved into Ficksburg town at the start of Primary school. Farm life gave me the freedom to explore and get to know the seasons of Nature intimately. Perhaps this is why I return time and time again to Nature to gain perspective and healing.

I studied art and art history at Pietermaritzburg Girl’s High School but only after years of dabbling with art and crafts of all kinds, did I finally find my true voice. In the last few years I have gravitated towards digital art and I’m loving the freedom it gives me. Working with sourced images and symbolism I create a new image with a narrative that expresses my thoughts, yearnings and beliefs. I strive always to create images with depth and meaning, relevant to current times.

My father was a photographer in his spare time. He died in his early forties and I hang on to a few of his photographs because although I didn’t have time to truly get to know the man behind his fatherhood, his essence shines through these few images in my possession. I have a favourite image, one he took of my four or five year old self running on Durban beach in the early seventies. I make for ordinary subject matter, but in the shine of the backwash he has captured both my reflection and my shadow; the present, the past and the future. This photograph is my motivation. It reminds me to be conscious, and so I work to create a future that honours the roots of my existence. Rooted in love, I hope my new digital renderings motivate, inspire and above all, add beauty to the landscape of both your mind and your heart and naturally, I hope my works will have the opportunity to become a point of interest to your office or personal space.