Sandy McLea

Sandy McLea is a fine art photographer who pursues an alternative view of the captured moment from different vantage points. Investigating and reinventing the traditional methods of photography, McLea creates a multi-layered moment in time and space. His approach is unique in its personal style from pinhole photography, montage, panoramic, mixed media to his three dimensional relief paper tolls.

'My work covers a variety of subject matter including landscapes, urban and street photography, yet what links my work and gives it a unique style is the way I interpret the visual world. My interpretation, from the photographic capturing to the final production, stretches beyond a single view or a frozen moment in time that is typical to the photographic medium. I see the subjects of my work as narratives whether the narrative is historical or topical or simply focused on analyzing structural beauty. My objective in the execution of my work is to extend beyond a single moment and dimension drawing the viewer into an altered perception of the subject matter and using the perception of photography as truth to cement the reconstructed subject as a reality. I feel strongly influenced by David Hockney and this influence could not have come too soon. It has bought motivation and freedom to the way I work. My style has evolved since my early works and I have searched and explored ways to extend my visual understanding'.