Jean Abrie

I love traveling through Sub-Saharan Africa for as much first-hand experience of the wildlife and its people as possible, as the detailed portrayals of the animals and birdlife in my paintings is the most important aspect of my work. I never get enough of the incredible amount of detail there is to see in every subject I paint. These experiences filter through in my work in the studio where the sketching, photography and the actual experience of being in these situations, are integrated into my work. I try to fuse all these aspects and experiences into the pieces I do. It is very important to recreate an experience or scene as it happened, whether it portrays the drama and action that is so much apart of Africa, or the unique peace and tranquility of the African wilderness. There is always more to see, more to know and more to paint.

It is very rewarding to be part of the local and international wildlife art scene. I have taken part in some of the biggest wildlife art shows, and have exhibited both privately and in galleries across the US and UK, with collectors from all over the world.

Everyday there are so many beautiful and elegant gestures, poses and actions that may go unnoticed, but influence us in many ways, even in modern times. These solitary and simple moments of elegance also make a very powerful visual impact when put on canvas. I love to do figurative work using much broader brushwork and bolder colours than in my other work. I find it very refreshing to work in a different style and break away from the restrictions of fine detail.