Gavin Collins

Gavin Collins was born in Cape Town, South Africa on May 30th 1971. Gavin showed no interest in academic subjects but spent his days working with his hands, drawing and painting. When his talents became apparent at the age of 15, he attended the Ruth Prowse School of Art.

Gavin studied Graphic Design but never gave up his love for painting in oils. He is continually influenced by old Masters of the past, studying their styles and techniques. Gavin had his first solo exhibition at the age of 14.

Gavin is without doubt a highly versatile artist having mastered all styles in oil painting. In the past 10 years, the demand for his work has grown immensely, and this has made Gavin one of South Africa's best selling artists. Gavin presently has his own gallery in Cape Town, exclusively dedicated to his artworks.

Gavin works with a logical framework of proportion, light and form. The art of Gavin Collins captures the very soul of his subjects. With passion, boldness and skill, he portrays a strong impressive style with superb interpretation of light and movement that engage and lure the viewer. He enjoys his constant inspiration for new work as his love for painting and creating is undying and hopes that those who view his work will sense his love for his subjects and his pleasure in working in oils.