Christiane Behrmann

Specialized in diverse painting techniques, sculpting and teaching to express one’s inner visions. Inspired by the universal wisdom of the inner child within us. Focusing on healing via light energy through colours, transforming dense, negative energy into something positive. Expressing the spirit around the object.

I have been teaching my channelled soul stories in the 'Jester Button's' art course for beginners since 1991 and have found that there is an artist within us all. Member of the Art Society Centurion from 1981 and enjoyed 4 years as a committee member until 1990. Project manager in launching the Rentmeester Gallery, the Cottage Market at Laugardia Building in Centurion and of workshops where professional artists demonstrate their techniques to members. Involved in the organisation of competitions involving 6 high schools in Centurion in conjunction with project manager Tessa de Bruin and the Mayor of Centurion filling the role of judge and prize giver. Successfully booked the Rentmeester Gallery for exhibitions 2 years in advance, with solo exhibitions of artists every second week and musicians for opening concerts. The project and gallery was handed successfully to the town council in 1987 as part of the library in Centurion.

Over the years I developed a 1 ha veldt into a garden around my double storey gallery in Midrand, practised my esoteric art courses over the last 22 years, organised art exhibitions for my students, life guidance channelling, guide paintings, angel workshops, healing through art and past life regressions. After the death of our son, Marcus, we decided to make a new beginning in Gordon’s Bay, and have been living there since 2013.